Dr. Vernette McKnight

Dr. McKnight wrote into Fros And Coats (as all of you are welcome to do) and wanted to let us know about her achievements in hopes of inspiring people like you and me.

“I love your mission to highlight African American educated women in the Healthcare field. As such, I would love your support to post share this information on your IG account! I have 3 degrees and working on my 4th!
BA- Psychological Brain Sciences
MS- Exercise Science in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention
DC- Doctorate of Chiropractic with concentration in Clinical Neuroscience
EdD- Leadership in Health and Wellness Promotional Programming (in progress).

I’m a Chiropractic Neurologist & Movement therapist at The Brainery Atlanta and currently filming my television show called Walk to Wellness where I am dedicated to exploring the advancements of natural health, integrative medicine, and self-discovery.”

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